Throughout the campaign, I have had the chance to meet so many people dedicated to improving Capital Ward. I’ve received extensive support from all across the Ward. Here are a few endorsements I have received.



- Susan Delacourt, Ottawa columnist and bureau chief with the Star

Anthony Carricato is exactly the type of representation Capital Ward deserves at City Hall: energetic, smart, vocal, and dedicated. During this campaign I’ve been impressed with Anthony’s work ethic, and his knowledge of how to get things done in this city. It feels like it’s time to have a stronger voice at City Hall, and a fully engaged councillor. Anthony Carricato knows how to do this job, and that’s why I am voting for him.
— Greg MacEachern, Resident of Capital Ward

I was first introduced to Anthony when he was working for the Speaker of the House of Commons and I was on the National Board of Equal Voice and Chair of the Equal Voice National Capital Region (a non-profit, multi-partisan organization that is dedicated to promoting the election of more women to all levels in government in Canada) a few years ago.

Anthony played a significant role in the implementation of Equal Voice’s historic Daughters of the Vote program, where he helped support 338 young women from every riding in the country to take their seat in the House of Commons, participate in a 4-day conference, and shadow their local MP. Each leader of every federal political party spoke to these young women, including the Prime Minister. Without Anthony’s logistical support and collaborative attitude, we would not have been able to facilitate such an important and successful multi-partisan national dialogue that garnered international attention. I want to see more people like Anthony on City Council - young, vibrant, collaborative, and having the unique ability to bring diverse perspectives to the table. During a time of revitalization, Ottawa needs this type of energy. It’s #Time4Tony!
— Mary Ann Carter, Former National Board Member and Chair of the National Capital Region Chapter for Equal Voice

Anthony has proven himself to be a true community leader. His vision, work ethic, leadership and dedication to bringing new energy to Capital Ward is unmatched. Anthony has taken the time to learn about the constituents and issues face by the community, and is proposing thoughtful and creative solutions. I trust Anthony’s leadership and I look forward to voting for him on October 22.
— Nathan Bowers-Krishnan, member of the Glebe Community Association Board of Directors and a member of the Lansdowne Community Working Group

Anthony will be a Councillor who moves things forwards and takes action. I first met him in the wake of the earthquake in Nepal. While we were all stunned by the scale of the devastation, he was taking action and installing a burrito stand to raise funds for a Nepalese family. Anthony is caring and compassionate and I fully support him. He will be a strong and positive voice for our community.
— Nini Pal, Glebe Resident & Retiree

Jim Munson.jpg
I have seen Anthony Carricato at work and I have seen Anthony working with others.
Anthony knows how to get things done and that’s why he has my vote.
— Senator Jim Munson, Capital Ward resident

I have worked with Anthony for over 10 years and he is best described as hardworking and passionate. He also has a natural ability to bring people together and build consensus and I have no doubt that he would be an effective councillor for Capital Ward. Anthony was raised in an environment of community service and his desire to give back and work for his community is genuine.
— Heather Bradley, resident of the Glebe on Queen Elizabeth Drive

I am proud to support Anthony Carricato for Capital Ward. From road safety to smarter development to property tax fairness, he is listening to residents and offering a reasonable and balanced approach that puts the needs of our community first – over partisanship and ideology. We need more of this in Council.
— Yaroslav Baran, Principal at Earnscliffe Strategy Group & Capital Ward Resident

Capital Ward is fortunate that Anthony Carricato is seeking public office. Gender inclusive, capable and competent, he will represent this diverse ward with a compassionate and capable approach. He will connect the dots to ensure that everyone – from Heron Park to Dow’s Lake to Old Ottawa East — will be represented equally and well.

Mindful of finances, modern in approach, energetic in style, he will be a vigorous advocate for everyone.
— Isabel Metcalfe, Past Chair, Famous 5 Ottawa & Past Candidate, Capital Ward

I jumped at the chance to support Anthony’s campaign for City Council. After 12 years in Capital Ward, it’s time for new energy and an actual commitment to results from our councillor. The pace of development in Old Ottawa East in particular requires a councillor who’s focus extends beyond just the Glebe, and who is more sensitive to the inequalities in the municipal property tax base.
— James Patrick, Capital Ward Resident

Anthony is a good listener and has developed a balanced and thoughtful platform. He understands the concerns of the people in this area regarding excessive densification and lack of building height restrictions / nonexistent traffic planning and poor community consultation are concerned. He has my full support.
— Sharon Lefroy, resident at Dow’s Lake

Anthony seems to be the only candidate to offer a vision that goes to the central concerns of voters in Capital Ward that affects the everyday quality of their lives and those of their families. His vision of smart development that is based on truly inclusive consultation. This includes his desire to ensure that the infilling and intensification plans that includes the massive condo developments on Carling along with the impact of the new location of the Civic Hospital does not throw traffic and other barriers around neighbourhoods that that threatens the safety of voters their families and overtime diminishes their quality of life.

Anthony has demonstrated to me that he has the courage and intelligence to stand up for the interests of the voters of Capital Ward even if it means taking on the developers and those at City Hall that undermine the quality of life in Capital Ward.
— Errol Mendes, Errol Mendes Professor, University of Ottawa & President, International Commission of Jurists, Canada & Capital Ward Voter