My Vision

As your representative for Capital Ward, I pledge to be an approachable and inclusive Councillor who engages with you on important decisions that affect our ward. I have a plan that focuses on:


 As your Councillor, I will:

  • Promote planning that provides clarity and certainty for both residents and developers alike

  • Advocate for planning decisions that better serve the community, the environment and that considers the preservation of our heritage buildings

  • Work with city staff for stricter enforcement of rooming and infills zoning rules

  • Support a housing-first strategy to solve the affordable housing shortage and the inclusion of inclusionary zoning in the next Official Plan

  • Support planning decisions reflect a broader vision for future development across the city

  • Work towards ensuring that city services and recreational facilities keep pace with residential development in our ward

  • Include residents earlier in the development planning and proposal process, giving you more opportunities to raise your concerns and share your ideas



 As your Councillor, I will:

  •  Protect trees, green space and advocate for green infrastructure to mitigate the effects of climate change

  • Support better waste management with more compost and recycling bins in all buildings, on our streets and in our parks with separate containers for pet waste

  • Take a stand to ensure that all new development projects meet the highest standards for sustainable development

  • Explore new ideas to work with the province to improve industrial and commercial waste management with the goal of having restaurants and local businesses participate in the City’s green bin program

  • Work with the National Capital Commission and the City of Ottawa’s parks and recreation services to improve the maintenance of parks in the ward

  • Champion the revitalization of the Rideau Canal by working with Parks Canada and the National Capital Commission to clean up the water and repair sidewalks, drinking fountains and benches

  • Continue to increase the number of community gardens and growing plots in our ward



As your city Councillor, I will:

  • Advocate for property tax fairness, so residents of Capital Ward are not paying disproportionately more

  • Protect the safety of our streets by reviewing traffic patterns, cycling connectivity and pedestrian crossings to improve accessibility in our ward and across the city

  • Work with residents and businesses to build a strategy for growth, while encouraging thoughtful development that will enhance the vibrancy of Main Street & Bank Street

  • Consult with the City and other Wards to make sure that major proposals, like the new Civic Hospital campus, are the right fit for our community

  • Work with the Ottawa Police to support initiatives to keep our neighbourhoods safe and secure

  • Support events, the arts, festivals, and local markets to attract Ottawans from across the City to our amazing Ward

  • Embrace the shared economy by working with communities to establish a responsible short-term rental and space sharing policies for the City of Ottawa

  • Ensure that residents are kept informed about major changes and plans across the city


As your city Councillor, I will:

  • Work with all levels of government to secure funding to build new community centres in Heron Park and Old Ottawa East

  • Ensure that residents in Old Ottawa East get a fenced in, off-leash dog park in Brantwood Park and Springhurst Park and find a suitable location for a dog park in Heron Park

  • Planning and actualizing the redevelopment of Brewer Park and ensuring the construction of a new field house for Windsor Park in Old Ottawa South

  • Actualizing an outdoor boarded hockey rink in the Glebe

  • Improve the safety of Bronson Ave for pedestrians and especially children who live in Dow’s Lake and the Glebe Annex

  • Ensuring future developments in the Glebe Annex includes amenities and retail space such as a grocery store

  • Improve cycling connectivity around Hurdman LRT station for residents who live in Riverview Park

  • Provide a seat to a resident of Lansdowne on the Lansdowne Liaison Committee, so residents have a voice at the table in respect to the decisions made regarding the Park and its operations

  • Improve the safety of busy crossings on Bank Street Bridge and Billings Bridge, and strengthen bike and pedestrian connectivity

  • Oppose the Alta Vista Transit Corridor that would close off access to the new LRT station at Lees Ave


On October 22, I look forward to earning your vote.

Together, we can bring new energy to City Hall!

I jumped at the chance to support Anthony’s campaign for City Council. After 12 years in Capital Ward, it’s time for new energy and an actual commitment to results from our councillor. The pace of development in Old Ottawa East in particular requires a councillor who’s focus extends beyond just the Glebe, and who is more sensitive to the inequalities in the municipal property tax base.
— James Patrick, Capital Ward Resident